*Water Melts (short VR)* Issa (lead) Dir. Lilian Mehrel and Mary Evangelista

Pillow Talk (web series)           Her (lead)                     Dir. Micah Smith

Not Expecting (student)            Shannen (lead)                 Dir. Negin Sedaghat (MSU)

Wild is the wind (short)           Billy (supporting)             Dir. Devin Therriault

The Greats (student)               Judy (supporting)              Dir. Alexa Werrlein (MSU)

Go Robot (RHCP music video)        Girl #1                        Dir. Thoranna Sigurdardottir

Frijoles (student)                 Anna (lead)                    Dir. Nina Amat (NYFA)

Afro-Seattleit                     Audience Member                Dir. Matthew Ericson (NYU) Fragment #6 (student)                                                         

We'll be home soon (student)      Camille (lead)                  Dir. Shani Nakhid-Schuster                                         
                                                                       (Brooklyn Collage)
Price for Freedom (feature)       Extra                           Dir. Dylan Bank 

Encounter (short)                 Lily (lead)                     Dir. Maren Woodward   

Unnoticed (student)               Emma (supporting)               Dir. Kiki Tsakalakis 
                                                                       (The New School)
*TriBeCa official selection* 


Women of Manhattan                      Judy (lead)                                      Dir. Ricky DeRosa (MCS Theater)

This Is For Us                                        Samantha (lead)                          Dir. Alexis Sims (MCS Theater)




Matthew Corozine Studio, NYC

              Meisner technique: Matthew Corozine

Decoding Shakespeare: James Beaman

Michael Howard Studios, NYC

              Scene Study: Naomi Thornton

T. Schreiber studio & theater, NYC

              On-camera 1 workshop: Peter Miner

Brooke & Mary, NYC

              On-camera commercial intensive: Brooke Thomas and  Mary Callahan    


Misgav School of Dance, Israel

            13 years of Modern dance and Ballet

            5 years of Jazz and Hip-Hop


Singing lessons: Shira Raz, Tel-Aviv Israel


Special Skills

Has a valid US passport, Yoga (7 years of Iyengar yoga), certified scuba diver, perfect Hebrew, basic Spanish, has a great ear for accents, served in the Israeli Defense Forces for 2 years, has a driver's license and can drive stick shift, Richmond VA local hire.